If we had to sum up Johanna and Matt’s wedding with one word, it would be effortless. As you’ll see, this easy going couple is all about the moment instead of the show when it came to exchanging their vows. We think you’ll love their choice of venue: a beautiful beach side cottage, perfect for a breezy wedding (or romantic getaway!) Do we need to mention how cute their pug is either? Didn’t think so.



The “first look” is oftentimes an emotional moment, and we love when photographers are able to capture such a personal moment between groom and bride with delicacy.


We’re having a hard time deciding what the best feature is in this picture: The dress, the kiss, or the mustache?


Now that’s a bridesmaid dress you can’t miss! Perfect for summer, the dresses are decorated with pretty red and blush roses. The gal’s bouquets almost look like perfect replicas of the dresses summery prints! The colors are lush without being overwhelming, thanks in part to their minimalist venue.


Our effortless bride Johanna walked down the aisle wearing a beautiful gown called Cara, by Truvelle. This is a versatile dress and can be work both off-the-shoulder, or on the shoulder depending on the mood or theme of your wedding. For Johanna, Cara was the perfect amount of elegance needed for a relaxed beachside wedding.

Dress: Cara by Truvelle

Photography: Carolina Wahnish Rivera